Black Lawyers Association of Cincinnati, Ohio

Current Officers

Donyetta D. Bailey, President
Wednesday Shipp, Vice President
Candice Thomas, Communications Officer
Marsha Johnson, Treasurer
Brittany N. Collins, Recording Secretary

About BLAC

BLAC, an affiliate of the National Bar Association, is an organization formed in 1975 with the following goals:

Message From the President

The Black Lawyers Association of Cincinnati (BLAC) is a professional organization that is rich in history and is committed to seeing that all lawyers in the Cincinnati area, regardless of race, color, creed, or sex are given the opportunity to share equally in the legal profession. While we strive to support the professional development of African-American lawyers in the Cincinnati community, we also seek to work with other national, state and local bar associations in solving problems which are similar to all African-American lawyers.

Our current membership includes judges, lawyers, law students and many others who are committed to the diversification and progression of our legal community. We want to sincerely thank you for your interest in the BLAC. Your help is what makes our continued success possible. We invite you to share in the BLAC's rich history, and to partner with us in further advancing the organization's goals, by becoming a member of the BLAC.