Black Lawyers Association of Cincinnati, Ohio

Black Lawyers Association Of Cincinnati Scholarship Information

Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I Apply For More Than One Scholarship?

Yes. You may apply for multiple scholarships. However, be certain to read the eligibility criteria to ensure that you meet the threshold requirements. In most cases students attending the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University or the University of Cincinnati College of Law will be eligible to apply for at least two of the scholarships offered.

2. If I Am Applying For Multiple Scholarships Should I Submit Separate Applications For Each Scholarship?

If you are applying for multiple scholarships, it is not required that you submit separate applications. However, if you apply for multiple scholarships then you will need to answer the questions pertaining to each specific scholarship. If you need additional space to submit your answer, then restate the questions on a separate page and include in the header of that page your name, address, telephone number 2 and the name of the scholarship. The following example has been provided as an illustration: Jesse James
1000 Court Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Phone: (513) 555-5555
Theodore M. Berry Scholarship

3. Should I Submit My Application as a Word or PDF Document?

Since the application must be signed, you should complete the application, sign and date it where required, and submit a scanned (PDF) version of the document with your signature by e-mail.

4. Who Should I Use As A Recommender?

You must use your discretion in selecting a reference. Please consider whether the individual you select as a reference will timely submit the letter of recommendation and Recommendation Form. Individuals have used professors, employers, colleagues, mentors or members of the Black Lawyers Association of Cincinnati ("BLAC"). Be sure to use individuals who know you and are able to express to the Scholarship Committee your qualifications for the scholarship.

5. Should The Letter Of Recommendation Accompany The Application?

No. The letter of recommendation should be submitted directly to the scholarship committee chairperson via email by the recommender.

6. Can More Than One Letter Of Recommendation Be Submitted?

Only one letter of recommendation is required and we will only consider one letter for each scholarship for which the law student applies.

7. I Am Applying For Two Scholarships, Should I Have A Different Person Write A Letter Of Recommendation For Each Scholarship?

We anticipate applicants using their best judgment in selecting who will write recommendation(s) in support of their application(s), and deciding whether the same person should write more than one recommendation for them.

8. Should The Person Writing The Recommendation Submit It Or Should The Applicant?

The recommender should submit the signed letter of recommendation on letterhead of the recommender, and the completed, signed, and dated Recommendation Form. A scanned (PDF) version of the documents should be submitted by email to the committee chairperson (

9. Is There A Preference That The Letter Of Recommendation Be Written By A Member Of BLAC?

We anticipate applicants using their best judgment in selecting who will write recommendation(s) in support of their application(s). You must use your discretion in selecting a reference. In the past, applicants have decided to use different references for each scholarship. Other applicants have used the same reference for each scholarship. However, please consider whether the individual(s) you select will timely submit the Recommendation Form and letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation have been written by a variety of people, e.g., law professors, employers, colleagues, mentors and members of BLAC. Be sure to ask individual(s) who know you and are able to express to the Scholarship Committee your qualifications for the scholarship.

10. Does The Application Need To Be Typed?


11. When Is My Application Due?

Applications and supporting letters of recommendation must be received by email by 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the third Wednesday of February

12. Is Faxing An Option?

No. Materials must be submitted by email.

13. Will My Application Still Be Considered If My Letter Of Recommendation Is Received After The Deadline?

No, an application is incomplete if the supporting letter of recommendation and the Recommendation Form are not received by the deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all required materials are received by the due date and time.

14. How Will I Know if My Application Has Been Received and is Complete?

An email confirmation will be sent after an application is received; it will indicate whether the application is complete including whether a letter of recommendation and the Recommendation Form have also been received. The applicant can send an email inquiry in advance of the due date as to whether the information from the recommender has been received.

15. Do I Need To Be Present At The Annual Banquet To Receive The Scholarship?

We strongly encourage your attendance at the annual scholarship and awards banquet. However, most of us recall the days of law school and understand that scheduling challenges may preclude your attendance. Therefore, the recipient is not required to be present at the banquet.

16. What, If Any, Additional Information Will Be Requested Of The Scholarship Recipients?

Scholarship recipients will be asked to submit a brief biography (no more than 200 words) and an appropriate head shot photograph (professional attire) for inclusion in the banquet program booklet.

Contact Chairperson Letitia S. Block, Esq., BLAC Scholarship Committee at with questions and/or concerns not sufficiently addressed above.